7 Top Gifts to Give a Nurse

//7 Top Gifts to Give a Nurse

7 Top Gifts to Give a Nurse

1.Personalised mug

There are many companies out there that can design and print a personalised mug at an affordable price. Vistaprint has an excellent reputation.

We found this great website that has a number of one-liners that will have any nurse laughing. Our personal favourite is: “Everything is puls-ible, if a nurse is around.”

Head to Pinterest or even Google Images to find the best joke for the nurse you would like to gift.

2.Stethoscope bookmark

Etsy is your place. They have hundreds of individual designs depending on what you’re looking for.

With nurses having hundreds of cases and mountains of paperwork, they’ll certainly need something to mark their place.


3.Retractable ID badge

Who wants a plain and boring retractable ID badge when you can have something much more creative? As a nurse, there’s not much in the form of accessories and everyone wants to look nice.

We found that Amazon was the place to be. Colour ones are easy to find, but if you’re looking for something more specific, you’ll need to know exactly what you want. We found an array of fun retractable ID badges using the word “cute”.


4.Clip-on fitness tracker/watch

Fitness trackers are all the rage as more people are watching their 10,000 steps and eating avocado on toast, but for a nurse, wearing something on your wrist might not be possible.

Clip-on fitness trackers/watches are great. They can have style, character and fun.

Out of all the gift ideas, this will probably set you back a few bob; however, it’ll be worth it.


5.Fun scrub hats

We found this great independent shop called The Caduce Collection. When you’re in hospital, it usually means that something hasn’t gone to plan, and nurses are going to be your main form of interaction for a while. Nurses are amazing and can lift any person’s spirits. But what if we could help them brighten up people’s day with some fun scrub hat designs? It’s always the little things that start a conversation and bring out the best stories.


6.Nurse pencil case

Yes, it’s back to the paperwork, which requires a lot of pens. Ever had that moment when you’re looking for a pen and end up going through six, furiously scribbling on a scrap piece of paper trying to find just one that works? Yup. I bet that happens more often during a nurse’s day than you might think. Ergo, one pencil case will help the nurses’ day run more smoothly.

With Google Shopping you can find an array of pencil cases, from stethoscope prints to nurse-related quotes.


7.Meal prep bag

Like we said before, nurses are on the front line, running around looking after a number of patients all at once. They can work long shifts, up to 10/12 hours, and sometimes it’s hard to squeeze in meal time.

An insulated meal prep bag can help keep food fresh and easily accessible, so when times are getting tough, there’s always a meal ready to keep the busy nurse going.

We recommend MyProtein. These bags are designed for gym-goers, but that doesn’t matter when you’re looking for a reliable brand for high-quality merchandise.

*No product or company has sponsored this article. We are simply recommending products we like or have researched. We are not affiliated or associated with any of the above.

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