Why are care agencies so important in Sheffield?

//Why are care agencies so important in Sheffield?

Why are care agencies so important in Sheffield?

It’s not always an easy feat to get older and stay healthy and active, but care agencies in Sheffield do their bit to improve the quality of life for so many older individuals. With Boris Johnson’s recent pledge to improve social care for the elderly, people are considering what it means to have a good quality of life into old age. In this article, we’ll explore what differences care agencies make to the lives of the elderly, and what that means in the context of the ageing population in Sheffield.

North/South health divide

Most people are aware of the North/South health divide in England. Generally, the further north you travel, the worse the population’s health is, and the lower the life expectancy and quality of life. The University of Sheffield is part of the team attempting to tackle this problem. They are researching public health and turning that research into practical applications, motivated by the fact that over half of the North has a lower life expectancy than the worst area in the South.

Ageing population

Care agencies are an integral part of keeping the ageing population healthy. Those over 65 are predicted to increase by 20.7% by 2027, and by 2050, 1 in 5 of the population will be over 60. As time goes on, there’s inevitably going to be an increased demand on the health service, and by default, increased reliance on care agencies. However, nurses and health visitors numbers falling by 1.6% since 2018. This reduction doesn’t just affect care agencies, but the healthcare sector as a whole. It poses significant concern when combined with the issues generated by an increasingly ageing population. Nurses and healthcare support workers are integral to maintaining and increasing the overall wellbeing of the elderly and should be held in high esteem by care agencies and the health industry alike.

Age-friendly cities

But where does Sheffield come into it? Care agencies are necessary for taking care of the needs of older demographics with often complex health requirements. However, there also needs to be a more substantial societal shift in how we see and accommodate for the elderly. Sheffield has committed to creating a city for all ages, in which everyone plays their part in improving the elderly’s quality of life. You can read their full article on adapting Sheffield into an age-friendly city here.

Alongside the vital services provided by care agencies, integrating age-friendly infrastructure will go a long way in allowing older generations to partake in city life. They mustn’t be excluded by the faster pace, inaccessibility, rising costs of living and sparse transport networks.

The demand for these amenities is higher than ever. In the last ten years, those aged 85+ in Sheffield has increased by 139%. By taking an approach that encourages age integration and champions community cohesion, the elderly will be encouraged to get involved and active within Sheffield.

Researchers believe that ‘age-related’ impacts on the mind are actually lifestyle-related. There’s also strong evidence to suggest that keeping healthy and active into old age helps you maintain your independence and avoid health complications. This is good news. The healthcare sector and care agencies will be much more effective and able to cope if the increasing numbers of older people take action to maintain good health.

The role of care agencies

While older generations can do their best to preserve their health and wellbeing, it’s inevitable that as you get older, you’re more at risk of complications in your health which impede your level of independence. Care agencies provide an invaluable solution to those who can no longer carry out tasks such as dressing, washing, feeding, walking unassisted, and many other potential issues. Health care agencies will be there to supply the necessary support to ensure the elderly can still enjoy their old age.


Sheffield certainly seems to be taking necessary and progressive steps to ensure the quality of life of older demographics is prioritised. It’s also clear that care agencies play a vital role in providing the services that allow the elderly to live comfortably and happily, even when experiencing poor health.

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